Real Estate Investing in the Philippines

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Hi I just started my construction company here in the philippines but I'm an avid real estate investor. If any one of you are looking to invest here in the Philippines please do message me. We are specifically looking for private lenders since getting financing here in the Philippines is way different from US( It is harder to secure a loan). As far as I know and researched BRRR strategy isn't really that applicable in the Philippines. We would primarily use the fund for flipping row houses and townhouses. We might also use the money for subdivision developments in Batangas area. We are primarily focused in South Area of Metro Manila particularly in Alabang. I am a licensed civil engineer here in the Philippines and graduated at the top school(UP-Diliman). Prior to starting my construction company I started an ecommerce store that made a million dollars in sales last year( That's quite big here in the philippines and I still run it today). I used the profits to invest in real estate and quickly fell in love with it and since its in line with what I studied in college, I decided to start my own construction company. I am also currently studying BS Real Estate Management that got me connections to hundreds if not thousands of real estate agents and brokers. Feel free to message me if you're interested. Thank you

@Jerico Tarroza Hi Sir Jerico. I’m Sean Nepomuceno, and I am based here in the Philippines as well. I am also into construction business, particulary in heavy equipment rental. If ever you’ll need excavators / backhoe for your excavation projects, I can provide an equipment for you. Just let me know. Thanks. Cheers!