I was out D4D a few days ago and came upon FIBO sign with "court ordered sale" written at the bottom. The property is in a swanky neighborhood in a swanky town. The entire town has the aroma of money. There are two lots totaling about 0.8 acres. The empty lot value is 168k the other property has a 3/1 with 2100 sft. ProStream values the 3/1 at 465,870. Zillow says 517K. Tax value is 619K. Built in 1944, the place has not been updated since at least 1987. They are asking 530k for both with a 5% deposit. The closets and only comp that I could find  is listed for 499k and is about 95% upgraded. It needs interior paint, appliances and bathroom cabinets. The exterior is gorgeous. I want to wholesale this. I'd like some feedback from my BP family. Thank you.