Cash Purchase without broker in New Mexico - PSA documents?

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I've been listening to BiggerPockets podcasts for a while, and decided to become a member as well!  Looking for investment opportunities in the Fort Worth, TX area initially.  I want to buy and hold, considering multi-family, but don't want to be a landlord.  I would prefer having a management company manage my properties.  Any suggestions?


Bob Berry

@Bob Berry Real estate is a great investment if managed properly. First thing, have you lined up financing? Since you are looking in Texas and more specifically Fort Worth, I would recommend @Andrew Postell . He is active on BP and a great lender for investment properties. Also you will want to have a local agent working on your behalf. @Joe Funari is an investor and agent. So you know he speaks with experience. 

@Bob Berry Great thoughts. Some people self manage, but plenty use PM to lease and manage their properties. Don't limit yourself to multi. Right now in the Fort Worth area there seems to be a very limited supply of multi, it's not always in great areas, and ROI can be challenging. That's not to say there isn't anything to buy, but it is limited. You might want to consider single family as well.