Hi Everyone- I wanted to post here to hopefully capture those that have used agents for investing. I am a new agent, just got licensed last month in Utah.  I have partnered with my husband who has been an agent for almost 14 years (on the side) here in Utah as well.  Our plan is to really get into the business and we have been thinking about what our niche is.  We are just getting into investing ourselves (would like to have our first property by spring) and even just the research we have been doing is really exciting.  

Here is the kicker - as a full time role, my husband is an asset manager and has been for years.  He works for a company that holds portfolios of properties for investors.  His job is to manage the portfolios assigned to him for properties across the United States, where he manages the work to get the property rehabbed so that it can go back out on the market while ensuring to meet the investors needs, wants, dollars, etc.

So I feel funny asking this because I feel like I should know but in some way not.  Investors are not seeking him out as a personal agent (he's handed portfolios), so that is the gap that I feel that we are missing.

If we want to market ourselves to investors as their agent for our own personal business, what do investors want in an agent?  What makes a good agent for investors?  I am also struggling on how to market his skillset\experience in this pictures as well.

Appreciate your help and advice!