I'm still a novice at REI. In the middle of my 2nd BRRRR, and also own a third SFH (originally my personal residence--just move and keeping it as a rental). There is a portfolio of single-family portfolios near me for $3.2M. Combination of 2 and 3 BR SFH all on same street (their own little neighborhood). Would love to get my hands on this, but don't have the cash for d.p. Honestly, I don't even know where to begin as far as evaluating the financial side of it. I can certainly inspect and evaluate the physical condition of each unit. Just wondering (1) what would be a reasonable price in terms of investment and (2) how can I put together a deal on something like this? Trying to avoid all the scammers that blow up my email when posting something on fb. Thanks for any advice.