AustinTX Real Estate Market and how Investors handle the Climate?

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Hey @Joseph Villasenor - Austin is hyper-competitive right now, with multiple-offers commonplace and only about two weeks of inventory in the Austin MSA.  Folks that are pulling the trigger on investment properties right now are generally fine with near-term negative cash flow, or they are putting more than 20% down to get to equilibrium.  More rarely, they are house-hacking/finding off-market deals.  That said, if your goal is appreciation and you have patient capital, there are no signs of anything slowing down.  I believe we will see double-digit appreciation in many areas for the next year plus.  Let me know if I can be of help.

@Joseph Villasenor and @Jordan Moorhead have said, Austin is hyper-competitive at this time with record-low inventory. Even "off-market" properties tend to have strong competition and multiple offers. Homes are currently selling 25% higher on average than they did 12 months ago, so massive appreciation. The term "deal" will completely depend on your goals and long-term plans with the property.