Hey is anyone here using a credit based SLOC (syndicated lines of credit) product profitably as a real estate investor?

I own a business financing firm. I have access to 5 or so lenders that help individuals use their personal credit alone to get access to $10,000 - $100,000 for business purposes. It is viewed as startup capital mostly and can be used for almost anything. An SLOC is not backed by real estate; it is a personal credit product for those with a 700+ credit. Avg 10% off funding amount to the lender, then runs at 0% if not used. When used rates are much higher but vary by lender.

I had a real estate investor reach out that really wants access to these funds. I am wondering how exactly access to this capital can fit well into the real estate investing game. What are your thoughts and has anyone successfully used SLOC funds profitably?

Here are my thoughts. As a real estate investor myself that started from nothing, I have always had access to personal credit lines in case of emergencies. The credit I have personally is spread over 4 different products, 2 credit cards and 2 PLOC options. In total I have access to $30 000 if things ever got really tight. Although I rarely use these products It is really nice to know they are there. Especially when I was starting out and was less established. They are fantastic to have in case of an emergency. It is important to note that If this financing is not in place before you need it the banks will not give it to you when you do need it!

In terms of using a SLOC for buy and hold I don't think it fits well. The rate will simply be too high and make cash flow impossible. Although not great for the downpayment it may fit well for minor renovations when access to other capital is not available.

I suppose if one were looking at Vacation rentals this option could fit well for operation capital or even fund a % of the down payment. With the high cash flow on some short term rentals an SLOC may fit here.

Also giving up equity in a deal as we all know is the most expensive form of financing as we often end up giving up 50% of our profits. If one were able to wisely use an SLOC to fund renovations for example on a quick flip they would likely be better off assuming they know what they are doing. Especially if a JV partner is not available.

If one were starting out as a wholesaler it may be nice to know that they can access capital if a massively deeply discounted deal comes through the pipeline. Also if they are starting with no cash it would help them pay for their marketing efforts to get the first few deals under contract and get rolling.

Anyways, what are some thoughts on this financing option for real estate? I can see some places where it fits. What are your thoughts investors?