Have you guys seen the article in the WSJ that there were more licensed RE agents than there were houses available in the month of January?? https://www.wsj.com/articles/n...

A lot of people are jumping in to get their license and have no idea how hard being an agent can be in this market. If you are considering getting your license, you really should ask yourself if that is going to help you hit your goals or not. 

I do not have my license and have been investing for 6 years now. I will not ever be getting my license because it isn’t conducive to my long term goals. We have done dozens of flips, new builds, SFRs, Syndications, Airbnb’s, and small multifamily properties. You do not need a license to do RE just like you do not need to be a General Contractor. So if you are a newbie and thinking that step #1 is to take a class to get your license, maybe you should pump the brakes and think again. 

I’m not saying that you shouldn’t get your license if that is a part of your path, but you need to be clear on exactly how it is going to help you with your goals. If it isn't clearly going to help you hit your goals, maybe you should consider waiting. It might just be a distraction to make you feel like you are making progress. Kinda like working on your logo or spending 2 weeks coming up with your business name, or filing an LLC before you have even walked the first property.

Agree? Disagree?