Palmdale, CA - Pearblossom highway frontage lands

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I am looking to buy a piece of land in Palmdale, CA , right on the pearblossom highway (its in the newly constructed pearblossom highway area(3.2 miles) , commercial land and has pearblossom highway frontage of more than 200 feet. Pear blossom highway was recently renovated (3.2 mile stretch) , Do you think this is a good area to invest? 

@Jo-Ann Lapin Commercial around 2 acres is zoned as light C-1 and rest 5.5 acres residential is zoned as R-1 ( one unit per one acre allowed, probably this can be applied for zone change?) , hoping to get your valuable inputs on this.

I would like to do commercial development first , probably strip mall kinds? and then later apply for zone change in the residential part to be able to build more homes on each acre instead of just one