Buying small multifamily (duplex/triplex)

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Hi, I want to know how you can find duplexes and triplexes that are posted on the MLS. I want to know what the general price ranges of them are in my area so I now how much of a down payment I need to save for. I've tried searching on websites like Zillow, trulia, Redfin, etc but when you filter for multi-family it shows you a lot of listings of people selling each half of the duplex individually. I want to own both halves. Do I have to just look at each listing and read the description to find them or is there a better way?

If someone is selling half a duplex, typically it will have only one or two bedrooms.  Simply add a filter for 3+ bedrooms.  That should get you the full duplexes.

Redfin and Zillow both have a Multi Family selector in the search criteria.

Edit: I didn't read your question carefully enough. I don't run into the issue you're seeing all that often but as others stated increasing room count should do the trick.