Best 9to5 relistate job

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So I'm looking to get into relistate full time any suggestions on what would be the best 9to5 job I can look into to help me for when I start with my brrrr investing?

@Dov Klitnick first be aware that real estate is two words and spelled completely different. You will find more success in business if you slow down and use spell check when communicating with people. Please take this as constructive criticism. 

The best job for real estate BRRRR investing is either a real estate agent or contractor. As a real estate investor, you can find deals easier and understand the market better. It also gives you real estate professional status, which can help with tax benefits. A contractor has the benefit of understanding the rehab process better. This will make it easier to estimate costs, find subcontractors and stay on budget.

Although be aware, neither of these jobs is a true 9 to 5. You will need to work nights and weekends at times to get the job done. 

@Joe Splitrock ur 100% correct i should have looked it over befor posting and thanks I'm definitely gonna consider those