Ex-Tenant (squatter) occupied properties

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I am currently interested in purchasing a pre-forclosure property in Nashville TN.
The property details state that there is an Ex-Tenant occupying the residence that the current property owner/landlord has already completed the eviction process but the squatter will not leave.
We will want to flip this property and are concerned about what we can do about the tenant after purchase (if anything). Has anyone dealt with some thing similar or know what the process looks like and how long/ cumbersome it may be?


@Shannon Bliven

They have completed the eviction process but the tenant is still there? 

Did he over power the sheriff's department while being removed? 

Sounds like the eviction process might not be completed then. If it was completed then the tenant wouldn't be there. 

You might want to verify what's going on bc if the tenant can prove they are there and can't pay rent due to "covid purposes" then the eviction moratorium will slap a big red tape on your deal. 

If the tenant is already on the property and not leaving and there is an eviction already against their name, they are trespassing and you can call the cops on them. 

I would also involve a real estate attorney and get their opinion.