Reducing Taxes (Tax-Free Wealth) Portland, OR

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Anybody know of a Tax Advisor/CPA to help with tax planning? That isn't afraid of helping drastically reduce tax liability, legally? After receiving my 2020 tax bill, and reading this book, I've came to the conclusion that my current Tax Advisor is fired. Haha.

Hi @Dominic York . I'd be happy to help connect you with a CPA. Are you a property owner or what specialty are you looking for in a CPA? I am just asking so I can understand a little more about what type of CPA you're looking for.

The problem is most individuals do not understand taxes, there are things you can do and things you cannot do based upon your situation. 

I can help a client reduce their tax burden to zero; however, they may not have enough income to live off. I think you should consider talking over some of the things you read with your accountant and ask why they don't apply to you. Also if you're only seeing your accountant during tax season you're not helping yourself. You should be consulting their firm throughout the year before you make decisions.