Deciding what to do with new construction.

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For the past year and a half I have acted as my own contractor and built a 3 bedroom 3 bathroom 2400 sq home I intended to move into after finishing. I am near the end point of the construction process. I will have invested 160k cash on a house that by my most conservative projections will appraise at 250k. I have changed my mind about moving in and want to instead find the most effective way to  manage my asset to continue growing. I’ve considered getting a home equity loan and renting the house out, using the the equity loan for a down payment on a multi family property while the tenants pay for my loan/down payment. If I sell I would have to pay capital gains tax and I am really trying to avoid that. Can a 1031 tax exchange be used on a new construction? What would you do if you were in my situation? 

@Remy Juarez , You could have done a 1031 if your intent in building the house was to hold it for investment use.  There's not statutory holding period but most folks feel comfortable at anything more than a year.  In the case of new construction you'd need something compelling to to point to if audited to demonstrate that your intent was primarily to hold it for investment use.

In your case it sounds like your original intent was to build your primary residence.