Multifamily Mortgage Rate

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I am looking forward to buy 4plex and 8plex in South Bay Area CA. I am a bit confused about the type of mortgage to take (5/1, 7/1 ARM, 30 year fixed). On 7/1 ARM, I am getting around 2.5% on 4plex and 2% on 8plex. Wanted to check if they seem good. Mortgage rates are falling again, dropped by 10 points over last 1-2 weeks. Wanted to learn about other experiences on what are best avenues to get good rates and some of the recent rates they got recently.

Updated 19 days ago

3% on 8plex.

I financed my rentals through fixed rate, never got a good ARM retes for them. For 8-plex, would like to know that type of financing it is as its 5+. Are you getting a commercial loan for 2%? that sounds awesome and would like to know the lender and details as I am looking for a commercial now.

oh ok, looks good to me. Depends on other factors like points etc. But looks pretty good especially its not confounding.