Market Guidance from our Real Estate Coach

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My guidance for this week is that the markets are extremely strong. Inventories are dropping to where there is even less inventory than there was even weeks or months ago. So on the wholesale side, if you're looking for properties, they're gonna be few and far between. I believe we are at a point where you will see people that are in the business of flipping homes and buying homes that potentially will go out of business because they do not have enough inventory to buy, renovate, and flip, or hold because the wholesale inventory is so low. By the same token, on the resale side, the inventories are dropping as well because if you can't buy a house wholesale to renovate and flip it to get it into the market, then you also don't have the same retail product. So the inventories are extremely low both on wholesale and retail. That is going to mean that prices are going to rocket up, there's nothing stopping them from continuing to climb. So the best thing you can do with all of your buy-and-hold assets. Is to get your tenants out, get them on the market, and get them sold immediately. Because you're looking at one of the strongest corrections in the market that will most likely hit when they start to release all of the inventory back out on the market with the distressed people. So it's extremely critical to liquidate all your assets, hold to a cash position, and then get ready to take down deals that will come to you via many people losing their homes in the near future. So that's my guidance for the week.

@David Ginn interesting thoughts, thanks for sharing.

Personally I am wrapping up two flips at the moment (one already under contract) and won’t be doing anymore for the foreseeable future unless an amazing deal falls in my lap (which, to your point about a lack of inventory, is unlikely to happen).

But I am holding my performing rentals. I’d rather have the steady income. Even if home prices drop (which they may not), I’m not in a position that I will have to sell. So I would be able to wait out till prices come back up - and in the meantime still get a cash flow rather than having cash lose value in a bank.