What's your non-real estate side hustle these days?

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I'm just holding and waiting to see how this texas market holds up for a while. Applicants for rentals are plentiful. Meanwhile, I'm broadening my horizons outside of RE for the ducks of it. What are you all doing? Me and my hubby have gotten into flipping cars, checking out estate sales for anything that may re-sell for a decent profit (mid century still seems to be popular), etc. Done a little bit of day trading, but I just don't enjoy it. I'm ready to sink my teeth into something new and exciting. I may need to attend a meet-up to see what everyone is up to. Anything outside of RE blowing your skirt up? 

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@Keith A. I got a second part time job within my field for a different local company. I typically work overnights and at the second company when one of their people goes on vacation or calls out sick on my days off I get a 13 hour shift.

It doesn’t compare money-wise to OT at my regular job but it’s been a nice fill in and it’s also at a lower tax rate than the OT is.

The best part is that for 90% of the shift I’m free to be on my phone, tablet , or computer, or do anything I want! Mostly I read and expand my knowledge.

I became a notary years ago, and still do loan signings.  It wills in the down time, and you get to meet new people to talk about real estate.  It's fun.

@Keith A.

I recommend giving audiobook narration a try. You can get your start through ACX. Pick books you enjoy and get paid to read them! For instance, when I started I only narrated books about real estate, stock market and crypto. Narrating those kinds of books gave me the knowledge and confidence to start me RE journey.

@Keith A.

My wife and I also flip cars and go to estate sales!

Try finding a car to Turo. I do decent with very little work Turo two of my vehicles.

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My main business is the plumbing business. But I also own and operate a backhoe for excavation and trenching. 

@Otis Sanders

I’m kind of doing a brrr strategy with it. Bought a truck cash. Renting it out. Getting a used car loan on it.

2nd car just added.

Advice. Don’t buy a perfect car. It will get nicks and dings no matter what. Don’t get greedy-go for the decent insurance they offer. Give good pick up and drop off instructions