Equity Partner with a Bank?

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Just curious if anyone has had experience with using an Equity Partnership with a Bank or other financial institutions for SIngle family or small MF fix and flip/ buy and hold? The thought popped into my head last night and wondered if it was even a thing. 

@Alan Bostick

I have not heard of a bank offering such a product. I’d be rather surprised if they do, because banks are in the lending business, not so much the property rental business.

That being said, there are thousands of banks, so a few might be interested.

@Alan Bostick

I haven't heard of them doing that for a single family rental. Several will do equity for large deals, think $20 million equity check but its not worth it for them on a single SFR. Maybe if you were buying a $100 million portfolio of SFR you could get institutional capital.

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