Is There a Service For Pictures of Out of State Properties

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Hello Fellow BPers, 

I am looking to invest in off-market, out-of-state properties. Often, current pictures of said properties are not available. For those of you who have experience acquiring out-of-state properties, how do you get pictures of those properties? I would like to imagine that I could pay a small sum to a service or freelancer and get them to drive by a few properties, and send exterior pictures/videos (to make sure the property isn't burnt down or a tree feel on it). Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,


Originally posted by @Marc Rice :

You can ask your realtor or you an pay a home inspector a reduced inspection fee for an "investor report" or a photos only report.

 Thank you Marc, in the cases of Tax Deed Auctions, realtors would not be an option, but I do like the suggestion of home inspectors "investor report".

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