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Hi BP,

I'm looking for a CPA and Financial advisor in the northern Worcester county for my business and was wondering if any BPers have any recommendations for these positions. These are the top two people I will need to work with as I'm new to being a business and not an individual.  I need them to help me get in the right mind set to go forward with my business.

Thanks in advance for any help


@Tucker Russell  The beauty of the internet is that you don't necessarily need a CPA or Financial Advisor that is local to you. Many will take on clients all around the U.S. I'd encourage you to look around BP as there are plenty of people that may fit the bill.

I understand that but I personally enjoy the face to face interaction as it tells a lot about a person and is just a bit more personal. Thanks for the advice. I put it out there because I know that there is a bunch of BPers that hold these positions and them being in the same mind set helps as they understand what I want and probably have a good amount of pointers they may share.

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