Commercial Real Estate Property Sale History / Lease Market Comps

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I go through a local commercial broker. In a small town, you can look at which person has the most commercial lease/sale listings by either driving around or looking on Loopnet. They should be able to get you previous sales and current lease rates. Be careful by just looking at current lease or sale listings on Loopnet. Commercial is very specific to the property plus many owners list properties at ridiculous amounts and will probably never get them. I find those happen more on the commercial side than the residential. Maybe someone else has a better source but I've found that the information isn't as easy as residential where some of that info is on zillow or for rents.

From the map that looks like an old gas station building and business.

I would look for other gas station listings in the area for mom and pop and contact that broker.

The mom and pop stuff the brokers that deal in higher institutional type property will not want to help with that.

The reason is if the broker is closing 5 or 10 million deals they do not want to put time in on a 200k gas station.

Hope it helps.