Learning Commercial Investing: Book Recommendations

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Rather than asking a bunch of stupid questions, let me start with one:

What books would you recommend to learn specifically commercial investing? 

I currently buy, rehab, rent, and refinance single-family homes, but would like to get into commercial. 

I'm going to subscribe to this forum, but what else should I do to get educated? 

Hi @Michael Herr . There are no stupid questions. :) 

I only have one that I actually have read and it is Commercial Real Estate Investing- 12 Easy Steps to Getting Started by Jack Cummings. I've seen mixed reviews for it on Amazon but it served the purpose for me. It's a very basic book and good (I believe) for someone band new to commercial investing. I'm sure there are some more excellent books out there. Amazon has a good list. But this is the only one that I have actually purchased.

Good luck!

Hello Michael,

I just completed my first book in commercial real estate (Trump University Commercial Real Estate 101: How small investors can get started and make it big, Author is David Lindahl) and thought it was pretty good for basic knowledge.  It also had some interesting tips about scaling your commercial business and working on your business instead of in your business.  I haven't heard too much talk about the book on here, but the author also has two additional books that I just bought and am looking to complete within the next week.  His other two books are Emerging Real Estate Markets and also Multi-family millions.

I would love to know if any has any thoughts on these books.

Money to start makes a difference to what is available.

Look at what you have to get going and then get with commercial brokers that have experience at that deal level.

A commercial broker doing only mom and pop 800k type deals does not have the experience of a broker doing  10 million dollar deals. The property is different, the financing is different, the metrics to analyze are different, etc. 

The Art Of The Deal by Donald Trump

Commercial Real Estate Investing 101 by David Lindahl

Just for starters.

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