Setting up a LLC for commercial investing?

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Hello, i have a question regarding setting up a LLC for commercial RE investing. I plan on starting out with apartment buildings and was wondering if i need a general LLC or any other type of corp. to get started even though i plan on putting each building under its own LLC? For example, i plan on going out to local property managers and brokers to build relationships with but having no LLC or business name i think it will be hard to create credibility. I plan on raising private funds so from what i have read i may need a special type of security corp? Could you explain this type of corporation please? I plan on insuring each building separate along with it's own LLC so do i really need a general LLC to market with? Any advice regarding setting up LLCs or any other info i may need to invest in commercial RE will be greatly appreciated!

Thank you for your time!


Hi Jeff,

So I happened to be doing research on LLCs on the forums too and I can forward you to this topic that I'm following:

From what it seems, you're trying to form a syndication and I would advise you to do more research on the forums and talking to an attorney since that has way more legal implications since you're raising money (and thus getting the SEC involved). I also advise you to listen to Podcast 115 since that has to do with apartment complex investing. Hope this helps!

Hello Mr. Huang,

Thank you for the ink and advice. I will download the podcast tonight. Yes, you are correct about the syndication. 
I appreciate your time!

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