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Okay.  My son's AAU program has been around for 7 years renting out gym space in the local schools.  We are centrally located in the state and the owner of the program wants to build his own location.  We have found an ideal location which is ready to build and zoned.  The location is excellent.  We looked at this land before and thought it was too expensive 3.9M but have since come back and feel with the location and it being ready to go let's give it a shot.  

We have a meeting today with the owner.  My plan is to see if we can lease the lot and put a Sprung type building on it.  Use the funds accessible through an investor to do the purchase of the building and lease the land from the owner which I believe owns the land free and clear.

Do you see any drawbacks to the seller/lessor doing a 5-10 year lease so we can do a SBA 504 on this down the road?  The building structure only requires a slab and the building can be removed should it be necessary.  Then the seller would be back to the original condition with a slab and site work improvements(worst case scenario).  We would not really do much negotiating on the asking price to make it easier.

I am looking for any other options, ideas or suggestions on how to make this really attractive to the seller.

Thanks in advance.

Ground leases ( renting from the land owner ) are typically 50 to 99 years long. They also might have options to buy the land at some point for a set price. Additionally the land rent could go up after so many years.

A ground lease under 25 years is very hard to get financing on with a lender. The reason is say a developer builds the building and rents the land from the land owner. The developer now wants to sell the property and lease income for the building to a buy and hold passive investor on a leasehold interest.

If the tenant goes out now the investor has to pay 2 mortgages one for the land and one for the building.  

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