Price changed on Loopnet Agent says never happened

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There was a shopping center posted on Loopnet was originally listed at 4.5 million. After a month property was listed at 3.6 million then removed 2 weeks later. I contacted agent a month after was removed and asked if it was sold or was possibly still for sale. Agent sends property info with the price of 4.5 million. I asked if it was ever reduced on loopnet says it never happened. Any one have any idea how to get a straight answer? We are very interested if its listed at 3.6. Background has several national brands, in a lower income area. I think there is a possibility one of the major brands is not renewing lease and they reduced price because of that.

@Austin Kocher  

It's probably irrelevant if they raised it back up to 4.5 million. There's a variety of factors it could have dropped and then raised back up again. It could have been a listing error, they could have improved the property since then, etc.

It may be time to move on to a new property.

Even if it was reduced at that time, the price is now $4.5 Mil. Loopnet as well as the MLS has mistakes as well as price changes all the time. You are not going to force them to sell at $3.6