Real Estate Investors Will Love This In The New Tax Plan

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While as a result of the new tax plan signed into law recently biggest financial companies are moving into REI, if you are a commercial real estate investor, here are a few things you should take note of:

The full impacts of the GOP tax bill will take time to be felt, but commercial real estate investors look like major beneficiaries.

New deductions for pass-through entities benefit standard real estate investment vehicles.

Changes to capex deduction will make value-add strategies even more appealing.

Changes to carried interest will increase favorability of private real estate funds as compared with other managed funds.

The flood of private capital into real estate is likely to be spurred on in the year ahead, and private investment funds are likely beneficiaries.

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That is good news, as I am looking for portfolio/commercial lenders in Ohio. Perhaps this will be the impetus to fuel investment in the near future. Thank you for the insightful information.

Does anyone know if the passive activity loss write off limit has been raised?

Whoever wrote that made a huge mistake. The residential and commercial property depreciation schedules did NOT change to 25yrs. They remain at 27.5 and 39yrs, respectively, in the final bill that became law.

Do I have to print the entire bill to figure this stuff out???

National REI just had an article a few days ago that summed it up pretty nice, but they also state the depreciation schedules changed.

I can't seem to find the answer anywhere.

We will likely see rising interest rates with a further expansion of the deficit. So Im not too excited with the bill.

I think my graduate level research skills paid off for the first time ever.

I might have the intern go through the actual bill on Tuesday and get me every conference agreement relating to RE.

I asked the depreciation schedule question to my CPA and he said they remain the same

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