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I have a property that I am building. It is commercial/industrial lease space. 3500-7000sf spaces just outside of Houston. What I am looking for help on is exposure. I have three buildings currently and have 2 rented on 5 year leases. But I need to get a tenant for the other, third, building. What is the best way to get out there? I am on CoStar, LoopNet, Craigslist and have signage up on the main thoroughfare. I think we have a pretty competitive package for someone looking, just need to find those people. 

Thanks in advance for any help. 

Justin Jarmon

Signage on property, does it have renderings?

Offer brokers a full commission for finding you a tenant. Use eBlast sites like to send out the info. Hire a cold caller to call other tenants in the area to pitch your building. 

I am a commercial agent with experience in representing clients for leasing industrial warehouse space.  

Obviously you could use the services of a local broker, look for similar properties listed with brokers and call them. A good agent will have an enstablished client base of owners and users to call upon and an active network.  

If you are just determined on leasing the space yourself, it can certainly be done.  Sure you can post ads online and make signs but it’s active calling that’s most effective.

I’d make a marketing piece about your space then start calling. Call local businesses that have like-kind space that may be interested in expanding, downsizing, moving etc. Ask to talk to the owner, talk to the local chamber of commerce, hit the phones spend a couple hours a dialing. Schedule tours and ask them to make offers.

The same approach applies to my 350,000sf warehouse project or the 1,000sf small user space.

If you have the time and energy and willing to make the effort, you can do it. 

Thank you all for the comments. It is a smaller development and we are building as we see demand. We don't want to over extend ourselves and be carrying the note. 

I will take some of this advice and apply it. I do have several signs around the property and intersections advertising it. we have a plan layout and elevation rendering. Buildings 1 and 2 are almost done, so we will have actual pictures soon. 

Thank you again.

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