Some Lingo Terms for Commercial Real Estate ?

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That's a new one on me, I'll have to think about that.

Don't know of a site offhand, but some terms to master:

CAP rate [ a real biggie ]
ROI Return on investment
NOI Net operating income
TIC Tennant in Common

Others will no doubt pitch in.

Here is a link to a good list of the terms for commercial RE$FILE/Commercial%20Real%20Estate%20Glossary.pdf

I'm not promoting anything here as it won't be out until at least March, but I've written a book about investing in commercial real estate that you would find helpful. I'll post back here when it's available.

commercial real estate terms huh...

triple net lease is a big one.

1031 exchange is another

Financial plan is another

rent roll

financial statement

income statement

balance sheet

just a few.