What makes an Investor Presentation Stand Out? Wow factors?

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Hi BP,  I’m starting the process of creating an investor info sheet to send to a few people interested in a large commercial project I am working on.  At this point I just want to know what potential investors want to see, what impresses you, what are the key points that need to stand out? What would make you (a potential investor say, “Yes this looks great!” 

Just one of many points to cover... If the property has a tenant, preferably in a long term lease, perhaps you could highlight their stability and position in the economy.  

Also make sure to highlight any potential for lowering operational costs, raising rents, as well as value-add opportunities.  

Primarily investors want to see your track record.  What deals you've done and what results you've produced.  Plus the background / bios of you and your team members.  The investment sponsor always comes first--no matter how good the deal is folks won't invest in it if they don't believe in the team responsible for executing the plan.  

Second, they want to see the business plan.  What are you going to do and what do you expect the results to be.  This means not only a financial proforma but proof of concept such as rent comps, market data and third-party verification.

Finally, they want to see what their money is going to be used for and when they will get it back.  A sources & uses of funds table and an investor distribution forecast will show that.

@Natalie Allen In addition to what @Brian Burke said about the investor, their background, the property, the expectations and the strategy, I'd like to add that while you may start out with a verbal conversation with your investors but at the end of the day, they will want to see it in writing. Prior to sending a presentation to your investors, review it for any typos, errors, or unclear statements. Make sure it is properly formatted and looks clean and presentable and has quality pictures of the property.  How well the presentation is done will be a reflection on your business.