Newbie wanting to purchase an existing business

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Hey everyone! I’m a total novice and am interested into becoming a business owner! It is a 10year established coffee shop in a good location. What things should I look for when deciding whether it’s a good investment or really for purchasing a business? Any advice is helpful. TYIA —a hopeful entrepreneur

Is it listed with a Business Broker?  Have you seen any of their books?  Do you have cash to purchase or are getting an SBA Loan?   Most businesses sell based on the amount the Owner(s) take home after all expenses (this is a very simplified explanation). 

You would want to talk to a lender about qualifying for an SBA loan if you do not have the cash to purchase it outright.  Just like buying a home, the Lender can really help get you started and they also must approve the business for the amount of the purchase price in order to give you the loan- but you will still need to put some money down.

WHO is financing this? Is it the bank, the owner with some down, both? Is it for the business only,building only, land & building?

Read this book. It is about 25 bucks or so currently to buy.

If the business is listed for sale there is likely a co-op fee so you could possibly get a business broker on your side and the seller pays for it etc.

Almost 80% of  businesses for sale are owner/operator meaning you are actively buying yourself a job to work in the business day to day either part time or full time. To get passive you have to be more of an equity only partner or buy a large enough and profitable business for scale that you can be mostly passive with layers of management and employees in place.