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Storage unit investors. I am buying a 64 unit storage facility. The current owner runs everything old school. I would like a web-based software where users can secure the rental completely online. Any recommendations?

@Wade Stahl Easy Storage Solutions without a doubt for a facility that size and then use the DaVinci Lock system

Thanks Charles, does this software enable tenants to sign up for a unit online and also pay online?

Look at Web Self Storage. It's low cost and has great reports

Easy Storage Solutions for a facility of that size.  Very user friendly and great people, super helpful.

@Wade Stahle Negative I have not, have only purchased existing operating facilities up to this point.  @Scott Meyers has some education on storage development you might find useful.

Hey Wade! 

I would highly recommend Easy Storage Solutions as well, we've had them speak at a couple of our Events recently.  

To answer your question about how much it costs..It depends!  (Sorry Wade, that's always the stock answer.)

I assume you mean costs for single story, drive-up Self Storage construction and that is between $25 - $40 (NOT including land & site development) and depending on any additional amenities - electronic gate, fencing, etc.

I said "it depends", because if you were thinking portable shipping containers or multi-story climate controlled, then obviously the cost could go lower or higher, respectively.

I hope this helps.

Good luck!

(@Brandon Hobbs - thanks for the shout out!)

I also vote for Easy Storage Solutions! I use them for my facilities. Very straightforward and user friendly, excellent customer service. 

@Wade Stahle

Yes it includes website where tenants can signup online. They offer full service with call center as well. Cost varies by size of facility. Just call them.

@Wendy Carpenter

In terms of integrating together it works better but I have no problem

using them together kind of like how Easy Storage Solutions prefers StorSmart tenant insurance so if you don't go with them its a little more work as you have to do it manually.

Thanks, @Charles Kao ! I hadn’t pursued using them because I thought I couldn’t if I had ESS! I’m going to look into it now! 

@Charles Kao I'm all signed up with easy storage solutions. I can attest to their customer service. Top notch. Just waiting for my davinci locks and I'm good to go

Kind of a side track but I just started to look at self storage...... where avenue are you guys using to find your sellers?

@Charles Kao who are you guys finding has the best insurance for a storage facility? I am getting quoted over $4000 a year for 7300 square feet

Try Frankenmuth insurance or AB Schmitz insurance. They cover Wisconsin, maybe your area too. Bader insurance is national. Search for Self Storage Association vendors. That brings up a page with a drop down for categories. 

Originally posted by @Wade Stahle :

@Charles Kao who are you guys finding has the best insurance for a storage facility? I am getting quoted over $4000 a year for 7300 square feet

 Storage First is a good national provider that I've used in the past.  I usually pay somewhere around $0.10 per square foot per year in "normal" markets....double that in places like florida where hurricanes and flooding are more of an issue....and triple it or more if you are in a very high risk area like on the coast....

@Wade Stahle

Yes they can but you have to followup that they get code to unlock Davinci if you do not have a gating system. My guest the software will cost around 50 bucks a month and 100-250 for call center depending on what service you fonwith.

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