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for everyone who owns an RV/ boat storage, do you have an on-site manager or security guard 24/7? I have vacant land that I want to turn into an RV storage, however, I just don't know about the security guard. If I pay security guards with three shifts, the salary will take a big portion of my operation expense. But I also want 24/7 access.

is there any way to allow people to have 24/7 access but don't have people on-site 24/7?

Originally posted by @John Lenhart :

Put up a fence with an electric gate. Put in a few lights and add some security cameras and you can run it remote. 

We had homeless problem on the lot before (it is located near Los Angeles, by simply put gate,light, and camera, is it enough? 


I don’t know the area. However, most self storage contracts are store at your own risk and even if someone Has something stolen or damaged, you will not be liable. He will want to have an attorney prepare you the storage contract.

@Lea Hong This is very typical in self storage where fence, automated gate with keypad, CCTV and good lighting is used by so many operators to run the sites 100% remote! I have heard some creative soul to even allow police to train in their facility with K-9 units to keep miscreants off premise (even for multi family in Richmond, VA if I remember on one of the podcasts).

@Ronak Shah oh wow that's very cool and smart. 

The person who came up with the RV storage plan wanted to have a 24/7 security guard, which is a huge expense because I also need to provide the person a place to live. 

At all of our facilities the police have gate codes and they will do patrols through it on a regular basis. Furthermore, if you contracted with a private security company they can also do patrols through there on a regular basis to monitor the site. 

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