"Tommy Boy" may be the greatest movie ever made. Big Tom Callahan was right about auto parts and life: You're either growing or you're dying, there ain't no third direction. 

I think it's vitally important to always push yourself, grow, and learn. I've been challenging myself in that regard when it comes to writing about real estate. I think writing is a fantastic way to challenge myself to become better, because it forces me to learn and do ever-better research since I'll need to stand by what I'm putting out publicly. It's also humbling to read my stuff and recognize how awful it is compared to some of the good writers out there. 

I think the Bigger Pockets Blog is absolutely excellent in terms of the quality and quantity it puts out, and I hope to continue to be a meaningful contributor to the site's blog. 

I'm also launching my own RE based newsletter as a continuation of my growth and to really push myself. 

One area I'm learning that I am severely lacking is in the branding/marketing to get across my "essence" and why I think people should subscribe. My angle is twofold - 1.) Have fun. Don't take any of this too seriously; being entertaining and provocative makes it easier to learn. 2.) Taking what I've learned working at the multi-billion dollar, high-level "sophisticated" institutional real estate world, demystify it and give people a look behind the curtain. I don't think I have a handle on how to package up that messaging and get that across to my potential subscribers. 

If there is anyone out there who has this expertise in their toolkit, please hit me up with some ideas in this thread, or feel free to message me through the BP portal.