Truckstop / restaurant anyone have experience in this field

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Hey everyone , I'm looking for input into this commercial property it is a truck stop/restaurant, it is owned by the city but been vacant for years, very high volume corner and in the area of many industries, I have the site details from the city , it used to be a truck stop with a restaurant also fueling station has enough room for about 50 trucks I grew up in this area so I know traffic patterns and im also a CDL driver this would be a great truck stop with a restaurant and all the amenities that come with that type of property there are atleast 10-15 trucks parked daily cause there is no place around to park , you also have major highway near , home depot ,Walmart, also a landfill and a company that burns garbage and makes energy so there is a ton of commercial truck traffic at this corner , I would like to find someone with experience in this industry to talk with and see if this place can be renovated and open and maybe partner up with a deal ....any questions please message me I also took alot of pictures