How to find equity partners for a deal ? Are there some groups ?

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Looking to find equity partners and want to know the best place to find them. Facebook group ?? Instagram ?? Website ?? Please share your thoughts and options. Thank you

Start with the people closest to you. It is challenging to build trust for both the cash provider and the deal provider without already having a foundational relationship. You may know someone who has a self directed IRA, equity in their own home they may want to leverage, an inheritance, or other source of money they want to deploy. Broadening the circle from there, ask those people if they know anyone that would be interested in partnering with you. Be very clear about your track record and be able to articulate what you bring to the table. Real Estate Investor groups are also places to find potential partners. I highly recommend the book Raising Private Capital as a place to start. It takes you through many ways to find partners, how to structure your deals, legal requirements and so on. Good luck to you!

The most effective way is to build yourself into a magnet. Build a brand and systems that attract people to you. Local networking groups are a great place to meet prospective investors, if your area has reopened and you can get to local groups, start there for sure!