Commercial real estate!

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Hello BP!

a few years ago I was starting out in this investing journey. I really wanted to get into commercial properties. How ever I seen how much easier it was to jump into single family rentals. I have owned two single family rentals that cash flowed wonderfully. Now that I have the capital needed I'm looking to jump into commercial properties. Storefront, industrial etc.

I would love to connect with some people who have had some experience in this. I'm in aurora Colorado. Would love to meet up and chat.

Hi @Brandon Velikaneye . Welcome to the wonderful world of commercial real estate. I highly recommend that you find a mentor in the arena you’re looking at. Self storage, mobile home parks, light industrial, large multi family… All great candidates. When I jumped from single-family to commercial I spent a year of fairly intense mentoring under a paid coach and it fast-tracked my new direction. Happy and Investing!