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Found an old lien on property bought from Upset Tax Sale

Posted Nov 5 2021, 20:26

Hi, i bought a property in LEHIGH COUNTY PA , Sep 2019 , and later on found out there is old lien ( Mortgage ) open not paid off on previouse owner for amount of 81K i'm living in the property over 2 years now and no on comeafter or send notice , the mortgage from 13 years ago and sold many times last company went out of busniess on July 2010 and don't know what company step in , so what is best way to clear it and sell the property, if i find a lawyer do Quiet title action and court sent notice to mortgage company (old one which went out of busniss and definitly new mortgagee or bank took over  make future mail forword will received the notice , i'm worry if i file Queit title action claim at court then mortgagee  received the notice and reponse to dismiss the case at court , if that happend what is my option or what supppose to do if new mortgage show off 

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