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This is a list I'm compiling of suggested skip tracing software/sites that I've read here on BP.

1. Which site gives you the most bang for your buck?

2. Which site is the most accurate regardless of pay?

3. Any additional you'd want to add o the list?

4. Any additional tips or insight?

credit bureaus?

Title Companies.

I use Accurint. I had to prove I didn't need to use it before they'd let me use it. A "Real" skiptracing application is going to give you NPPI data and a "Real" one is not going to let you just pay $19.99 per month for access with no scrutiny or qualifying. You will (Must) attest that you will only use the data for permissible purposes and in most situations, at least on this forum, it would not apply, and would not let you gain access. Creditors, employers, government agencies and others use Accurint. Real estate agents/investors don't (Shouldn't) have access because they won't pass the "Permissible Use" requirements.

Yes...people every day use Accurint and other similar data suppliers. That doesn't make it ok though if they are not using it legitimately. Cold calling, soliciting those with whom you do not have a contractual relationship with, without their consent and/or knowledge would not be a permissible use in most cases.

There are many pay per view sites that will give you some pretty, nicely compiled data elements but, nothing is going to give you NPPI data (Social, Account Status, balances, etc.) without going through a gauntlet of qualifying questions and attestations.

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