Nyc title companies

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Hello all I have just joined BP from reading all the great insightful info presented by everyone. I have had no success using any sites like due to their lateness in posting lis pendens and many of them being late. I have been recently playing around with the kings county clerks office computers to find new cases of mortgage defaults. Realistically I cannot drive everyday to find newly listed lis pendens. I have seen people on BP say they pay local title companies for daily/weekly lis pendens listings. I also know that investors hire their own abstractors to search daily for them in the court house. I have tried this method but It failed because the abstractor would always put his orders from title companies in before mine so I would lose out. If anyone knows a title company that deals with these type of situations please let me know!

In this particular case (someone asking for a referal and you being able to provide one), sending a PM is the proper course of action. @Martin Shlakman you should send a colleague request to @Michael Q. Michael can reply to that with the contact info.

Thank you both for the timely responses. Since I just started today on this site. How can I send a PM to someone? I cannot see michael's details to retrieve his email

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