Letter To Distressses Homeowner

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Anyone have any sample form letters they use to send to distressed home owners they would be willing to share?


A few examples were given in a newsletter series. I'll post a couple. I wrote something more personal (from a more emotional standpoint) I'm not sure what works yet because I'm just starting :-)

Dear (insert name(s) of homeowner):
My name is Tom. It has come to my attention that your property may be in danger of public auction and I would like the opportunity to either buy or save your home. If none of this is true, then I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you by sending this letter.
If this is true, then I would like to talk to you about your home. I am a local Real Estate investor. I am not an agent. I like to help people, in fact there may be some things you can do to save your home. There are several different solutions you have as a homeowner which I can talk to you about.
If you have already listed your home with an agent or have found a temporary solution - that's ok. Most people like to have a 2nd option "just in case".
So, if you are interested in finding a workable solution to avoid any long-term effects, please contact me at 555-555-5555 or email me (insert your email address) at your earliest convenience.
I would be happy to talk to you about finding a workable solution to help you out of your situation.
Tom Solver


Home Management, Inc.

Dear Homeowner:
It looks like I missed you. Today I popped by to chat with you about your situation. It is important that you work quickly or the bank will foreclose on your home. Your probably asking your self What's going to happen to me now? When will the bank foreclose? Should I file for Bankruptcy? I've successfully helped dozens of families in your position. Each situation is unique but the questions are always the same.
How Can I stop the foreclosure? Ext. 1
How much time do I have? Ext. 2
I've already filed for Bankruptcy, isn't that enough? Ext. 3
What's a short sale and how will it effect my credit? Ext. 4
When Will the Bank Kick me out? Ext. 5
Beware of Scams? Ext. 6
Find out the 4 most common mistakes made! Ext. 7
Do you qualify to receive up to $1000 from your bank? Ext. 8
There are 3 ways you can save your home right now! Ext. 9
For free recorded answers to these questions please call 1-888-555-5555. This free answer hot line service is available 24 hrs/day. Simply dial the toll free number and put in the extension number next to the question.
Best of all my services are free when you decide to short sale your home! Call me today for the facts on how the foreclosure process works. I offer the facts with Absolutely no pressure or obligation.
Most people in your position mentally freeze and do nothing. If you wait and do nothing. one of two things will probably happen:
1. If you have equity in your home, your mortgage holder will force you out of your home, auction off your home and you will loose all your equity.
2. If you do not have any equity, your mortgage holder will force you out of your home, sell your home, and file a judgement against you for the balance still owed. If you can not pay what you owe, you will have to file for bankruptcy to get rid of the debt.
There are alternatives! Most accountants, bankers, friends, attorneys, and real estate agents are not aware of these alternatives and will advise you to "walk away" and file bankruptcy which may or may not be the best solution.

Act quickly, you are running out of time.

Bob Townsley

I don't mean to take any credit on these, they were example letters from a newsletter series on a web site I signed up to. Looks like the name of the web site was not in my post (I think until I have enough posts I am not able to post them) anyway - hope you found them helpful.


Thanks for the info...

At this juncture, there are probably lots of letters written by tons of investors. What may be effective is focusing on them personally.

Words such as hotline, 24/7, "questions are always the same," inconvenience sound like a late night infommercial and very impersonal.

Try speaking to them instead of at them. Number one, take the time to find out their NAME.

Dear {use their name],

During an economic downturn, you may be experiencing a very distressful situation. There are many reasons, each very personal, as to why a person isn't able to keep up payments. This isn't due to negative character traits, sometimes life becomes quickly overwhelming.

At this time, there may be a lot of contact from businessmen that is very impersonal and cold. Regardless of what anyone is saying, the most important is that the option is best for you.

This is a complex situation with many possible solutions. A home is more than just an asset, it's filled with memories of friends and family. Though not an agent, financial insight may remedy your situation.

Again, it's what is best for you that matters. Some options require a timely action as this process moves along.

Please feel free to call my mobile at XXX-XXX-XXXX after deciding what's best.