HOA to Bank Foreclosure payoff. How much sshould I ask for?

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BP, I'm in an interesting position. When I was young and dump (about 5 years ago), I paid $5k for an HOA foreclosure sold at the courthouse steps in houston tx. The current owners before I bought the place still had a mortgage in place and neither them nor the bank would speak to me. The owners never moved and my assumption is they just kept on paying their mortgage. I left them alone and they left me alone, meanwhile, my name stayed on the deed as the new owner. Fast forward 5 years, I get a call from a title company saying wells Fargo bought the property and they are asking for my payoff. I'm assuming they foreclosed on the property and are looking to take transfer of title. My question, how much can i ask for and if it is too much, what will they come back and say? I hope all of that made sense as I typed from my cell phone. Thanks in advance for your help. They are trying to close on the 29th of december.

Don't know Texas law, usually in this case you simply get wiped out, no need to talk to you.  Perhaps, they filed foreclosure and Failed to name you as an additional defendant (assuming they're required to there)?  I'd gather some facts to determine your position first.

thanks @WayneBrooks. I'll see what else I can get out of the title company. 

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