Looking for appraiser to determine After Repair Value - ARV

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I'm looking for an appraiser in Orange County or Los Angeles County, to appraise a pre-foreclosure property in Orange County.  Specifically, I'd like to get an After Appraisal Value on the subject property.  Any suggestions would be appreciated!

hi @Steve M.  There is a guy I work with (Los Angeles) that may be willing to help, but I can't speak for him. If you will private message me I may have a solution for you. 

@Steve M.  if that lead does not work, go to the Appraisal Institute website, http://www.appraisalinstitute.org and you can search by zipped and look for an appraiser with an SRA designation.  I'm biased, I am a Commercial Appraiser and take courses with the Institute.  They will only list appraisers who have been trained, coursework, etc with them.  Good luck!

@Steve M.   I know that they sell Real Estate in Canada a little bit different than here is the States.  An appraiser will cost you about $500.00 or so.  You might look into getting a BPO (Broker Price Opinion) from a local agent, or you can ask me to give you my professional opinion.  Let me know.

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