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There is a house I'm eyeballing.  Sadly, the owner passed away.  I have located the deed records and can see who the Mortgage Company is (Select Portfoloio Servicing, Inc).  I haven't seen it on the auction block, yet, but it appears to be heading that route.  I can't get in contact with the mortgage company without her SSN or Loan ID and there is zero option to speak to someone there, apparently.  What are the options to buy this property before it forecloses?  Her ex-husband may be power of attorney, but I believe he is dead also...

Until the foreclosure auction occurs, the owners still own it.  You would need to track down the heirs if the listed owner has passed away.  You might have to deal with probate.  The lender probably won't talk to you at all without written permission from the borrower.

Deceased person with POA is not much worse than a living person having a POA on a decedent. Useless.

You need to determine if there's enough equity to justify the exoense and time costs of opening a probate and if yes, approach family members to sell to you there interest(s) or get appointed PR and sell.

Or, just buy the asset at the sale when SPS gets around to foreclosing.

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