Landowner has been suit multiple times but dismissed

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Hi All,

I live in Houston, TX

There is a piece of land which is adjacent to mine. The owner has not paid taxes and the county has sued him multiple times. The guy has fled to mexico for whatever he was doing as I understand and there is bunch of land that he left behind without paying taxes on it, part of which is the land next to me. 

They dismiss it for "dismissal for want of prosecution" 

I was told that this is because the dude did not show up to any of the court hearings.

I dont know what I can do to get that land. I would pay off the taxes but the guy is no where to be found and they dont seem to put it on an auction sale.

Any help is appreciated!

The DWOP (Dismiss for Want of Prosecution... or Dismissal for Want of Prosecution) doesn't mean the defendant didn't show up to the court hearings, it means the plaintiff failed to follow through with the case (they missed a court date, failed to continue the case, etc.)

Pull the file to see what actually happened. There should be a final order in there and/or should be some court records for you to verify what's going on. If you get lost, most likely if you ask politely a clerk can help with your inquiry. That's true in most states... probably TX too.

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