Help with foreclosure question

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On 2/15 I received an act 91 notice. We had gotten behind because of medical issues. The notice listed the amount to cure would be $3,709 which included February amount due. I sent $4200 ion Marc 10, 2015.  Sent it certified mail and asked for a current balance and print out on the account. Thirty days passed and no correspondence.  The check was cashed 3 days after I sent it. I called when I didn't receive any response after 30 days and was assured a call back. 2 more weeks lapsed nothing. Finally called and demanded to speak with someone. The outcome if the call was I was informed that thev right to cure amount was incorrect and that in fact tg e amoubtviv sent was 600 short to cover the march payment. so going by theur notice I thoughtv ivwas ahead onky to find I  .  Was akready almosr 2 months behind again. We agreed verbally that I was going to start sending big weekly omits of 250. My payment is 550/mth. I have been doing that and today i receive aanother act 91 notice with a cure amount of 2100 for March April may and June. I am completely at a loss.


they did send  me a statement after they told me the amount was incorrect. The issue being I was already behind almost 2  months th honking I was ahead 1 month. Given the big weekly p mts I would never catch up