Auction homes

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Total newbie here - I own (and rent out) one property (condo) so far. How can I view listings of homes up for auction in my area? Looking for a stellar deal on a new property.

Hi Megan.  We're all looking for that stellar deal! :).  Anyhow, from my very short experience learning about the auction sales I have seen a few places where you can get that information, and anyone can correct me if I'm wrong.  You can check local newspaper, county courthouse, usually the attorneys representing the plaintiffs have a list on their website, and then there are other sites online like, that who would possibly have the list as well.  Good luck!


Here, your county auctions are online.  Look on the clerk of court site, Foreclosures, you'll see an auction calendar.  You'll likely need to figure out the addressss for the case numbers though.