Is this a Notice of Default Listing for Knoxville, Tennessee

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Above are two links to a local paper I found online when searching "notice of defautls, Knoxville tn".

Is this just that? How do I read this stuff without getting a lawyer to translate it? The first is to a group of lists by dates.

The other is a link to a list published on 10/24.

Can someone explain to me what I'm looking at and whether or not this is what I'd see at the courthouse if I went to search myself?

Well, as they say in plain English, these obviously are Notice Of Sale notices; they show the property, the  mtg recording, the owner, the lender and the date of the auction.  What's the question?

That looks like the required publication to give notice for an foreclosure auction. This is  a good person to include in your marketing. The only downside is there may dozens or hundreds of investors looking at the same ad. Don't get mee wrong if you only get 1 in 100, you are still doing great.

In some areas the court will publish on their website when the court decides to issue a Notice of Default. It may be on a bulletin board at the court house. It may be something you have to ask  for by going into the Chancery Court office. This can put you weeks ahead of you competition. It is not available everywhere, and it can be difficult to locate. Be nice the staff in the chancery office. after a couple visits, bring muffins.

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