What is the process of evicting Squatters?

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Can anyone help me with evicting Squatters in the Carson area in California? This is a probate property. What would be the first step? This is a single family home that looks to need a lot of work. Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

call an eviction attorney and get the process started. Squatters or not, they'll need to be evicted. can't do a "Self Help" eviction, meaning, if you turn the lights and water off, you effectively are going to be giving them not only a free place to live, but, money to spend as well...

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Thank you @Ron S. ! This helps a lot!

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That's truly the best route. You wouldn't believe the crap they come up with (Maybe you would). I have a trial coming up this Friday. I am the junior lienholder on a property that the senior lienholder foreclosed on and I bid at foreclosure sale. I won the bid and took the property. The borrower (previous owner now considering the sale went through) called and asked me before the sale what my intent was. I said, "I'm going to bid at the sale of your senior lien holding lender and try to win the property". He said, "If you do, how long will you give me before I have to leave". I said, "I would work with you, you have no rights to stay after the sale and I could start eviction after my three day notice but, if we can agree as gentlemen to a departure date and you leave on that date, I'll work with you. How long do you think it will take you to leave"? He says, "I could leave in about three weeks". I said, "I'd feel more comfortable with two weeks considering I know your wife has already left and that you've known the sale was coming for months so, I'll give you two weeks but just in case, I'm going to send the three day notice so I can start the clock ticking". Well...two weeks went by and the guy sends me a letter stating I defrauded him and that I told him I was buying the property at the foreclosure sale.....(get this) for him!

Moral of the story, start the eviction process. Be professional. Be firm.