Managing your own rentals? How do you handle it financially?

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Hi BP,

For all those folks out there that manage their own rental properties, what are your thoughts, opinions and advice on setting up a Property Management company/business to manage your own personal rentals at the start of your Real Estate Investing career?

If you were to setup a Property Management business and bank account, and manage your own properties yourself while putting away 10% of the rental income into the business account, that you would otherwise pay to another Management company, is there any incentives or tax write-offs/implications in doing this?



In my opinion, There is no tax incentive doing this unless your expenses exceed your ORDINARY income from managment side. Management is considered ordinary income and not real estate income, therefore taxing rate is higher. Not sure how that changes in 2018 due to new tax code as CORP tax. This also depends on how your setup your bus entities.