Foreclosure Question-Courthouse Foreclosure Property

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I keep hearing about buying a property on Courthouse Step. Is there any way to get a listing of foreclosure homes that are going be sold at the Courthouse???

Thanks for any knowledge that is passed along....

There’s apps you can use and pay monthly for that offer listings like that in certain areas, don’t think it is in PA though. I also think it’s against the rules of BP to advertise these services. I’m not a licensed realtor so I had to find out how to get these listings without having the resources most realtors have.

@Jason Holmquist @Keyoddie Walthall

Court house step auctions have nothing to do with real estate agents nor the local MLS.

County/town/municipality governments and sheriff departments auction off properties. Those properties can be found on their websites, usually subject to last minute changes.

Auction dot com and Zillow and some others will often list those properties, but those are just aggregated lists. Everything is within the jurisdiction of the county and or the sheriff.

Upcoming foreclosure auctions are found in public notices in newspapers of general circulation for a period of weeks prior to the auction sale. The notice will contain information on the security interest being foreclosed as well as terms applicable to all bidders such as deposits and time to close. Strongly recommend you learn how to analyze these deals and understand how lien priority works before participating.

Not sure where you are or are planning to buy but this is probably a good place to start your research: 

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